I got arrested in 2003 for drunk driving by the ramsey county sherriff, and they brought me to the ramsey county detention center on friday night. The jailers there told me I had to wait until Monday or Tuesday morning to see a judge. So I called an anoka county bail bondsman that other inmantes recommended called freedom bail bonds at 763 422 1234 and they got me out of jail in 25 minutes.

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I got arrested in 2003 for drunk driving by the ramsey county sherriff, and they brought me to the ramsey county detention center on friday night. The jailers there told me I had to wait until Monday or Tuesday morning to see a judge. So I called an anoka county bail bondsman that other inmantes recommended called freedom bail bonds at 763 422 1234 and they got me out of jail in 25 minutes. When the caller ID shows the Anoka County jail phone number calling at 3am you’ll expect the worst, and when you hear your sons voice on the other end of the line you began to panic.  Most people will never need an Anoka County Bondsman, but after you find out the Anoka County Sherrif has just arrested your son for DWI, and is holding him at the Ramsey County Adult Detention Center.  It’s time to reach out to the most trusted and reliable Anoka County bondsman in the state of Minnesota.   No one will work faster than Freedom Bail Bonds and will have your son out of jail within hours.

You can reach us day or night at 763 422 1234.

Anoka County Bondsman

You’ve never been in this situation before, and at 3am your resources are limited as the rest of world is sleeping.  Our expert Anoka County Bondsman will work quickly to release your loved one from the Ramsey County adult detention center right away.  We are the fastest Minnesota bail bonds company in the state, and the most trusted Anoka County Bondsman by the Ramsey County Sherriff Department.  We have been working with law enforcement for over 25 years, and have cultivated a deep relationship with the Anoka Courts, Jails, bailiffs & attorneys.

When you find yourself in this situation the first step is to find fast and affordable solutions by calling the most trusted Anoka County Bondsman at 763 422-1234.  We will work with you every step of the way.

Steps of Bonding out of Ramsey Adult Detention Center

I had to call an anoka bondsman this weekend when my sister got arrested for public intoxication, and the anoka county bondsman Freedom Bail bonds charged us $50 and had her out in 20 minutes. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a ramsey county bondsmanWhen you call Freedom Bail Bonds at 763 422 1234 we will collect some basic information so that we can access the Anoka County Jail Roster to find your loved one.  The goal is to get your son out of jail as quickly and painless as possible. The Anoka bail bonds process is simple.  When the Ramsey County or Anoka Sherriff arrested your son they brought him to the Anoka Jail.  After getting booked into the jail his case was given a bail amount.  This is the amount the jail wants to release your son.  In most cases, this can be paid by cash, credit card or through a bondsman.

If you pay by cash or credit card you will be forced to pay the full amount.  You will be refunded the bond amount you posted to free the dependant only if they appear in court.  The defendant must show up to all court appearances and concluded their sentencing to be eligible for a bail refund.  If you can’t afford the jails bond then you will want to turn to an Anoka bondsman like Freedom Bail Bonds.

Minnesota Bail Bonds

The ramsey county adult detention center is the name of the anoka county jail, and when the anoka county sheriffs arrest you that is where they will bring you to set your bail and await your court date. I called Freedom Bail Bonds at 763 422 1234 to get out over the weekend. I only had to pay $20 for a $10,000 bond.A bondsman can offer a variety of payment arrangements to release your son from jail.  We could try to clarify all these bond understanding to you, but we understand you want crucial information to the bonding process now.  So we will cover bail arrangements when you talk to us on the phone.  In the state of Minnesota, the bail bond process allows for individuals to enter into a bail agreement to pay only a portion of the bond.  Instead of the full bail bond amount to release their friend or loved one from the Anoka County Jail.  A typical bail agreement between a Minnesota bail bondsman and client is around 10% of the total bail bond requested by the Ramsey Jail Staff.

For example, let’s say your bail was set at $10,000.  Without a bondsman, you would be required to pay the jail $10,000 to release your son.  With an Anoka County Bondsman you would only be required to pay $1,000 to release your son from jail.  A Ramsey county bondsman like us can offer payment arrangements or even collateral to help ensure the freedom of your son.

Ramsey County Bondsman

Freedom bail bonds is your neighborly Anoka County bondsman.  We know these are stressful times, and our experience is your asset.  No one plans go to jail. Family and friends aren’t saving money on the side to bail you out of jail.  That’s why Freedom Bail Bonds have the easiest and most forgiving payment arrangments in the industry.  After 25 years of Anoka bond writing, we have learned its more rewarding to care.  From bounty hunting to surety bonds we got you covered.  We are sympathetic to your situation, and that is why we are the fastest in the business.

Anoka Bail Bondsman

Jail sucks, and I hate cops. I'm not all that keen on bondsman either but the anoka county bondsman freedom bail bonds helped me out in a big way. when they seen the anoka county jail's phone number calling them they accepted the collect call for free, and made me a payment arrangement to get me out of jail within minutes. They are the fastest, cheapest and easiest ramsey county bondsman in the area. Call them at 763 422 1234In the state of Minnesota, there is only one Anoka Bail Bondsman you need to call.  763 422 1234.  Twenty four hours a day seven days a week we are waiting to help you. Opening doors 24 hours a day for people. Call us when you’re in a jam.  Nobody knows the Anoka Bail Bondsman scene better than us.  Freedom Bail Bonds has been growing relationships with the Ramsey Jail Staff for over 25 years.  We have an efficient inmate locator staff.  Personable phone staff.  Creative bondsman, and swift bond writing staff.  Don’t compound your mistakes by calling someone else.

Bondsman Services

Freedom bail bonds do more than just write bonds.  Because of our healthy relationship with the courts, staff & police we can provide services no other bonding company can.  Our staff will help get you probation over jail time.  If you have to serve jail time we will help get you into the workhouse, or STS program.  STS stands for sentence to serve.  In this program, defendants are given one day off of their sentence for 2 days of community service they provide.  Our staff is here to help and has your best interest in mind at every step of the process.

So call Freedom Bail Bonds today at 763 422 1234


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  4. Bob was extremely helpful, and I love reading his bail bonds blog. Awesome guy who helped me out in a jam.

    1. When you need an Anoka County Bondsman you wanna call Freedom Bailbonds at 763 422 1234. Fastest bailbondsman in the state. Give us a try today. Thank you Paulina for sharing your experience.

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